As Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts, we are planning to organize “I. International Family Congress and International Juried Group Exhibition which includes art, economy, sociology, education, history, literature and so on. We wish to bring together academics, artists and researchers working in different fields with the Congress and Exhibition. With this congress, which will be a scientific, cultural, artistic and social platform, we aim to share information and experience regarding family work. In addition, with the congress, it is expected to activate scientific, cultural, artistic and social interaction in the context of the determined topics, to develop interdisciplinary cooperation, to contribute to the creation of new fields of study with different perspectives, and to contribute to the studies and literature related to the family. In the congress, where important results are expected to be achieved, it is also aimed to share information on family-related studies that have been or are being carried out in other countries.

Discussing the change and transformation of the family institution from the past to the present at an academic level, revealing the social problems and the effects of these problems in the family institution, examining family issues in terms of science, culture, art and social, to draw attention to its importance; To exhibit the works of art and designs made to increase the level of awareness on the subject and make it visible. This year’s theme of this congress, which has a series of aims such as “Family in Turkish Culture” has been determined. At the congress, where no participation fee is requested, the papers to be presented will be published as articles or e-proceedings in the journals agreed upon according to the opinions of the referees. In addition, the works and designs submitted to the exhibition will be exhibited according to the opinions of the juries and will then be included in the e-catalog.






1st International Family Congress and International Jury Group Exhibition